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Up-Lighting & Custom decoration service

We strive to create an AMAZING event that will wow your guests. We use lighting and special effects to create a dazzling atmosphere and environment for your party. Bistro string lighting, up lighting, spot lighting, String lightings, gobos and monograms, stage lighting, and dance lighting. We provide many different kinds of lighting, effects, and decor to design an enchanting and unique atmosphere for your event.

Careful placement and focus of lighting fixtures can brighten any room and give it an inviting glow. This helps make the event more memorable and unique without much cost. Our unique lighting can make your event space radiate with elegance and sophistication. Wedding lighting will dramatically change the atmosphere of your event for ceremony or reception.

Up Lighting is a technique used in lighting design to enhance the atmosphere of the space. This could be a wedding reception, a hallway, an outdoor garden, a corporate event, or wedding ceremony space. It involves placing lighting fixtures on the ground and focusing them upward.

This method of lighting is an easy approach to dress up an event space and add excitement and elegance. It can add color to a neutral surface such as a wall or column or landscape feature. UpLighting can also be used to make the room appear taller by accenting existing vertical lines, and creating new ones. UpLighting is often used to highlight inherent architectural features of the space such as columns and alcoves.




The number of up lights to use depends on your vision for the reception and size of venue. We have provided up lights for hundreds of weddings, and couples have used as few as 2 up lights and as many as 80 up lights. Here are guidelines:

Seating Capacity Accent Uplighting Moderate Coverage Maximum Coverage
50 people 4 - 8 up lights 11 up lights 18 up lights
100 - 130 people 4 - 8 up lights 16 up lights 30 up lights
130 - 200 people 4 - 8 up lights 20 up lights 35 up lights
200 - 250 people 4 - 8 up lights 24 up lights 42 up lights
250 - 350 people 4 - 8 up lights 26 up lights 48 up lights
350+ people 4 - 8 up lights 30+ up lights 50+ up lights

ACCENT UPLIGHTING: This look will add interest with uplighting without breaking the bank. Choose certain areas of your wedding venue to highlight with uplighting, such as your head table (2 - 6 up lights), cake table (1 - 2 up lights), wedding guest book table (1 - 2 up lights), or dance floor (2 - 4 up lights).

MODERATE COVERAGE: This is the option for those who want to set the mood and create an elegant ambiance with uplighting. Adds a nice overall effect to your venue with moderate coverage. Space lights 10 feet apart around perimeter of room.

MAXIMUM COVERAGE: For the "wow" effect, choose maximum coverage. Event lighting professionals refer to this as a "color wash." Basically, every inch of wall will be covered in colorful uplighting. This is the icing on the cake for a beautiful venue. Or, use a color wash to transform a drab venue into a modern, chic space. Space lights 5 feet apart around perimeter of room.


Pipe and drape and lighting is the best way of completely transforming an event venue when planning an event,Wedding, trade show,Convention, product launch or simply want to divide a room. We can provide a range of draping solutions that will help create the atmosphere you want at your event. We have many pipe and drape options. At Lotus Production, we have a large inventory of pipe and drape. We carry a broad range of pipe and drape, including many color options. We have drapes in white, gold, ivory, black and blue in addition, to our lighting options to complete your décor, or add a stage or platform to make your gathering look more professional. We offer rentals and installations throughout the DC , VA ,MD and DE area. We install pipe and drape for conferences, conventions, trade shows, fashion shows, private events, marketing events, festivals and corporate events.

We offer different sizes and style drape at our warehouse. We rent pipe & drape, sheer drapery, wedding drapery, wedding drapes, Ceiling Drapery, wall drapes, Sweet heart table backdrop, Head table and stage drapery, Ceremony Canopy, Chuppa and more. Please call us at (703)863-2613 for a free quote.

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